The Process - Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is a complicated process that on the average takes two to four. During this time you should expect to face some inconveniences such as having your water turned off and not having access to your bathroom for the duration of the project. Many customers prefer to take a vacation during construction to avoid any inconveniences. We advise that someone remains in the house to accept orders and to take care of any unexpected events. However, we recommend that you make arrangements for any foreseeable inconveniences.

Step 1:

Step 2: Pre-Construction

Step 3:

Step 4: Post-Construction

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On-Site Inspection: Our      design and construction     specialist will inspect and take      measurements of your      kitchen.
Material Selection: We will      help you select the materials      to create the style you desire.
Planning and Design: We will      use our advanced interior      design software to create      several design proposals for      your materials.

Select Proposal
Order Materials: We will order      all of the materials for you.
Deliver Materials: There      should be someone available      to accept deliveries which      depending on the product      could take up to a few weeks      to arrive.
Inspect Materials: Ensure that      they are exactly what you      ordered.

Demolition: We will remove      any existing countertops,      cabinets, and fixtures.
Plumbing: The proposed      design may change if the      existing plumbing layout      prohibits it.
Floor Tile Installation
Electric Wiring: During this      time we may have to turn of      your electricity
Wall Preparation
Wall tile Installation
Plumbing Fixture Installation
Countertop Installation
Medicine Cabinet Installation
Light fixture Installation
Accessories Installation

Touch Ups
Quality Assurance: Feel free      to contact us if you have any      problems with the work.

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