About Us

Knopka Design Inc.'s mission is to be the leading provider in home and office design.


Knopka Design Inc. is a non-traditional design company focused on providing excelent services to the small and mid-market. A recognized leader in home and office project development space, our services enable unconstrained creativity in design. We bring out the interactive mind of our clients through participation in our services. All the clients of Knopka Design Inc. have personal attention throughout the duration of our work.
Through the provision of high quality, low cost (and even free) services to hundreds of thousands of customers in America we remain one step ahead of the industry - Knopka Design Inc. is always on the brink with the latest designs and technologies. As one of the only companies offering new ideas, Knopka Design Inc. is a can't be missed destination for the young and contemporary generation which is ready to experience inovative, simple designs for the modern home.
The Knopka Design Inc. management team consists of both designers and people with insider knowledge of industries with years of experience.

Competitive advantages:

Knopka Design Inc. offers unique value propositions to its existing and potential customers, partners and affiliates by:
Providing an ideal service with limited time warranty;
Offering high quality/low cost service;
Granting access to new designs and ideas;
Providing customer support to all our clients;
Providing customers with detailed and precise layouts of pricing;

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